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What your donation can achieve:

CHF 50 – one day of training for a group of women or men

CHF 100 – accompany 4 learning women during 4 months

CHF 600 – training of a trainer and salary for 1 year

CHF 1000 – purchase of a motorcycle to reach remote villages

CHF 10’000 – initiate DESIRED MOTHERHOOD in a new country

“I use the funds in a focused and parsimonious way. It is important that the beneficiaries contribute with what they can as a proof of their real interest to receive the training.”

Felix Küchler, MD, in charge of the program

Payment options

Desired Motherhood, Ch. d’Arche 41a, 1870 Monthey
IBAN: CH30 0839 0038 0098 1000 3
Alternative Bank Schweiz AG, Amthausquai 21, 4601 Solothurn
Bank Clearing/IID: 8390
QR-IID: 30123